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Jane LeCroy: New York based poet, singer and performance artist, home-birthing mother of 3, teacher, atheist, vegetarian, televisionless, hedonist, exemplifies the alphabet at its best. She fronts the avant-pop band TRANSMITTING, featuring multi-instrumentalist Tom Abbs and David Rogers-Berry.


Jane LeCroy has collaborated, performed and toured with: the SF based all women’s poetry troupe, Sister Spit; the 1990’s emo-core band, Vitapup;  the electronica project Somnaut with David Last, Kid Lucky’s a capella hip-hop, beatboxing, orchestra, Nu Voices; Brant Lyon’s, Hydrogen Jukebox and critically acclaimed musicians, such as: Madigan Shive, Animal Prufrock, David Last, Bradford Reed, Chad Taylor, Carol Lipnik, Kid Lucky, Taylor McFerrin, Napoleon Maddox, Erik Lawrence and Reggie Workman. Jane has been featured reading at Walt Whitman’s birthplace, St. Mark’s Poetry Project, RADAR at the SanFrancisco Public Library, Mike Geffner’s Inspired Word, William Electric Blacks’s Poetry Electric, Liberty Science Center, and David theWerdsman’s Art of Conversation, The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Jane has published her poetry, stories, songs, and articles in Fast Folk Magazine, Hanging Loose, Maintenant, Frank 151, Vector, Mudfish, Hootenanny, Tragic Book, Live-Mag, Princess, CLASSIFIEDS by Equinox Publishing, Great Weather for Media anothoogies and Teachers & Writers magazine.  Jane graduated from Eugene Lang College of New School University, studied with poets and educators such as: Sekou Sundiata, Kurtis Lamkin, Christian McEwen, Jane Lazarre, Mark Statman, Indran Amirthanagayam, Greg Tewksbury, and Nancy Barnes. Jane has been publishing student work and teaching writing, literature and performance to all ages through artist-in-the-schools organizations such as Teachers & Writers Collaborative and Dreamyard.  Jane’s poetry chapbook, Names was published by Booklyn as part of the award winning ABC chapbook series, purchased by the Library of Congress along with her braid!  Jane LeCroy's latest CD, Transmitting Dark and Full of Life is on the European label, Delphy Entertainment Rekords. Signature Play her new multimedia book from Three Rooms Press 2013 features her lyric poems, musical scores, visual art, and access to audio files.

What people say about Jane:


“i think of Jane like blackberry brambles. juicy berries always ripening. to pop one of her poems into my mouth is pure pleasure.”


- ani difranco Righteous Babe




“This is the overview that Jane’s work has long deserved, featuring poems that shift from the intimate to the infinite, often in the same, sweet, soulful breath. But Signature Play shows us more of what Jane is about than an ordinary book could, giving us not just her exquisite writing, but several sublime musical performances as well. Three cheers for Three Rooms Press and Jane for putting together this stupendous collection!”


- John S. Hall King Missile




“Jane LeCroy is my favorite living poet and perhaps precisely because she is so damn alive. Her words and melodies have been at the forefront of my generation’s hip hop, punk rock, feminist, performance poetry emergence, that's why this collection of her cutting, raw, sexy, lyrical poetry and her Transmitting cohort Tom Abbs’ music is so vital as well as refreshing. How wonderful that there is now a publication that unifies the word/sound experiences in such thorough and fun diversity to enjoy and play on your computer, phone, piano, voice or cello like I will!  Jane and Tom are transformative as Transmitting. This book is for all of us addicted to the life affirming medicine of inspired words + sound.”


- Bonfire Madigan Shive




“Signature Play is a pleasure, there's so much to enjoy in the music and lyrics and delivery; the expressive intonation is coy, sexy and innocent all at the same go. Really a talent. I love how often the writing goes from abstruse yet on point statements, to charming specifics: library books/loaded fish hooks. My God, it’s a beauty!”


- George Wallace, writer in residence Walt Whitman Birthplace




“Jane LeCroy sings humanity, and if we are half as smart as she is, we will curl into a quiet place to sit and listen.”


- Marci Blackman, author of Po Man's Child and Tradition




“Jane LeCroy will be known as one of the great poets of this century. A sorcerer who spells songs and spills poems - The Emily Dickinson of our time -  instead of leaving notes in aprons - she leaves us poems inboxes, freshly delivered - immediate delights - and delicious pains…”


- Animal Prufrock, Transperformative Artist and Scholar




“I have had the privilege of listening to Jane LeCroy for more than twenty years, as a poet/singer/performer. Her work is all you could want from someone who is sexy, crazy, visionary, apocalyptic, loving, attuned to the music of the world that is of the world and outside of it (or perhaps just someplace where we can't hear until she reveals it). When she first started, she was a dynamo, a force. Now she is something more, and more beautiful: a constant in the world of poetry and music that one ignore if one wants to be a little ridiculous. Missing Jane LeCroy is like living only half a life.”


- Mark Statman, author of the poetry collections Tourist at a Miracle (Hanging Loose, 2010) and A Map of the Winds (Lavender Ink, 2013) and translator of José María Hinojosa's Selected Poems (UNO Press, 2012) and, with Pablo Medina, Lorca's Poet in New York (Grove, 2008).